About Me

Creating is Like Breathing

Passionate and innovative Creative Director with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and 15+ years of experience in brand strategy and development and creative content coordination. Skilled in brand consistency, campaign management, graphic design and enabling team success.

A Dedicated Creative Director

I have over 23 years of experience in growing brands across various industries for companies of all sizes. My career started with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design. Specializing in branding, I use my knowledge of strategy, design principles, and influences from all areas of life to create engaging brands.

Throughout my career, I nurtured my branding and graphic design skills, leading teams to success in multiple projects. Finding new approaches, along with some creative intuition, has led to the development of influential brands that are recognized and resonate with consumers. I am passionate about the creative and strive to deliver the best results possible.


Part of being a leader in the creative industry is also being a teacher. Working with young designers to improve their work and understand why and how to accomplish those improvements helps boost the team’s strength. It gives those designers avenues to grow into and new levels to reach. Even working with interns, discussing theory vs. practice, and walking through real-world situations feeds the student and the team that supports them. Skill should always go beyond the knowledge of the tools, but sharing new tips and tricks among your team keeps even the most advanced designer fresh and on their toes.

Creativity is Not Just a Career

Creativity is a driven passion that works its way into all areas of my life. Creative hobbies such as photography, jewelry making, interior design, and volunteering my skills for my children’s schools give me different perspectives that translate into my daily work. There is inspiration in all aspects of life and in everything we do. Using skills and techniques acquired in other areas of creation gives me a different perspective in which to view messaging, visuals, and communication methods. I incorporate those concepts to help create well-rounded brand experiences through brand creativity.

True Downtime

An often-forgotten part of creativity is downtime. Turning my creative brain off sometimes is a must to remain at my best. My favorite ways to do this are reading, kayaking, walking, movies, and cooking/baking. Spending time not thinking allows me to see more of what is physically around me and what’s happening outside my world. In those moments, I find myself asking, “Hey, what about …?” Then the idea is born.
With my extensive experience and passion for creativity, I strive to be an asset to any team. I can lead successful teams and craft brands that emotionally connect to consumers. My creativity and passion for the work and clients’ success guide my leadership and fuel the drive to do it even better the next time.